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Viveks group addressed the ever growing need of customers by launching “vivek Safe Deposit Lockers Ltd” in Mylapore, Chennai in the year 1993, known as “Viveks Lockers”. A high safety vault room, in spacious environment houses more than 800 lockers and provides safe storages facility. The Lockers are certainly situated in the city of Chennai for customer convenience,

The board of directors of Viveks Lockers consists of renowned professionals varied schemes were introduced to suit customer requirements. Viveks Lockers opened a second branch in Nanganallur, Chennai in 2002.

About Viveks

Vivek Agencies

Viveks with a novel approach to retail business, ventured into a new area in the distribution channel. Viveks group realized the importance of an integrated approach to retailing well ahead of time and set up a distribution firm Vivek Agencies in 1976. Starting with the distribution of Sumeet Mixers, the company has added a whole range of products to its distribution basket.

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