+How does the winner collect the prizes?

Every winner has been sent a confirmation letter along with the status. The instructions for claiming the same are mentioned in the letter and you can also mail sankarlinkam.venkatachalam@viveks.com or call 99406 33085 to know how.

+Who is the point of contact and where do I collect the prizes from?

Mr. Sankaralingam is the point of contact and can be reached on 99406 33085. The procedure to collect the prizes have been detailed in the letter sent to the respective winners.

+How did the slogan contest get evaluated?

Viveks management had appointed reputed and respected judges who scrutinized all the slogans received. After multiple rounds, only the slogans that met the contest requirements were shortlisted.

+Can the prize be collected by an authorized representative?

The letter sent to the winners authorizes only the winner to collect the prize. In case the winner is unable to collect the prize in person, please contact Mr. Sankaralingam on 99406 33085.

+If I am unable to attend the event, can the prize be delivered to the house?

Kindly contact ______or email ____ to know the process of getting your prize, if you haven’t attended the event.

+Is there a delivery charge for the gift to be delivered to our house?

There is no delivery charge applicable to deliver the item at the address given in the Slogan Contest form. If it is to be delivered at a different address, charges may be applicable. In case there is a change in address, kindly email the address proof to _______.

+Do the prizes have warranty or guarantee?

All prizes have manufacturer warranty as applicable.

+Can I exchange the gift with some other item or upgrade by paying the difference?

No. Option to exchange or upgrade the prize won is not allowed.

+Can I exchange the prize with cash?

No. Prizes cannot be used to get cash equivalent.

+I don’t have a PAN card. What is to be done?

As per Income Tax Act, Tax is to be remitted by the winner, for winnings above Rs 10,000. The winner is to remit the Tax amount to Vivek Private Limited along with their PAN number and the company will arrange to remit the same to the Income Tax Department. In case the winner does not have a PAN number, the tax has to still be remitted to us and we shall make a consolidated remittance to the Income Tax Department, on behalf of all the winners (with and without PAN).