7 Ways to Start your Year Right!

7 Ways to Start your Year Right!

Colleges are reopening, and it’s time to pull out the backpacks and formal clothes again. Whether you’re in your first year or your final, these tips will help you prepare for your new year!

1. Update your music collection


For all the lonely traveling time, quiet moments between classes, and the loud moments with your gang, your music collection will be your best buddy. Carry your music on your phone. If you have a wide range of tastes, get an SD Card to carry the weight of your music collection, or choose a phone with great storage. You can also install apps like Google Play Music, Gaana, Saavn, Soundcloud, and even Youtube to stream or download your favourite songs, especially if you enjoy a good data pack. Network providers such as Airtel and Vodafone also offer great free music. Don’t forget a good set of sturdy headphones to last all year! Headsets have great audio quality, but in-ear headphones are less bulky, especially when they come with soft buds for maximum comfort. Always pick the type that best matches your needs.

2. Set up a schedule


Plan out every day’s schedule – make sure you set reminders so that you never forget your timetable, class schedule,  college events, practices, assignments and submissions.  Google Calendar can help you sync your schedule across all the devices you own. Planning ahead will also help you decide which days you can bunk without risking your grades or attendance!

3. Snap out of Vacation mode


A new year has begun, and you need to get your head back in the game. If your course is hectic, skimming through old question papers and the previous semester’s notes might be helpful. Get help from your seniors and skim their notes as well, if you want to stay a step ahead of your class. But most importantly, make sure you and your gang figure out a great way to show in the new year!

4. Format and Backup your laptop


Give yourself a fresh start! Before you format your laptop, remember to copy all your important files to a pendrive or portable hard disk. Also backup the apps and programs you will need to reinstall. Give yourself a day to setup the formatted laptop. If it requires any kind of servicing, get it done before the year begins to avoid crashes and data loss during the year. Weekly file backups are also a good idea, and it’s best to set this up with either Google rive or an external hard disk so you don’t risk losing any data in case of a system crash. Don’t forget to reinstall your anti-virus, too!

5. Start on a fresh page



Carry a fresh notebook for the new year/semester. This is a psychological aid that helps you shed the stress of the previous semester and give yourself a fresh outlook and focus. If you work on a computer, start a fresh folder for each subject, with sub-folders to sort your files by subject. Organizing is the key to success!

6. Get a reliable Internet connection


Your phone’s data pack might be your best friend, but other options include a dongle or a portable hotspot. This is doubly essential if you live at a hostel with poor WiFi. Your data will reduce your dependency on your home/college’s internet connection, and ensure you can do last-minute research for your projects even on the go. As a bonus, you won’t have to depend on a fragile shared connection when you watch shows or videos online!

7. Begin the day with a smile!


Once you’re on campus, it’s natural to feel a bit sad that the holidays are done. But the secret to fixing this is simple – just smile! Smile and greet everyone you see on your way to class. Smile at those annoying people who hate you, and those teachers who make your life miserable. If you’re too shy for that, just smile at the people you know. You’ll brighten up not just your own day, but also someone else’s!

Now that you’ve read our tips, do you think you’re college-ready?


Good Luck!