Aadi – The Monsoon Festival Of Tamil Nadu

Aadi – The Monsoon Festival Of Tamil Nadu

The Aadi month is the fourth month of the Tamil Calendar when monsoon starts. Aadi is the month of festivities related to the goddess of fertility and prosperity.  This year Aadi falls from July 17th to August 16th.

The time is considered inauspicious for major functions like marriage, housewarming or starting a new business. This month marks the change in the position of the Sun from Uttaraayanam (northward) to Dakshinayanam (southward). Aadi Festival is mainly celebrated by women who offer prayers on river banks, lakes, wells and water tanks which become full during the rainy monsoon.

This kind of worship is believed to provide prosperity, peace, and happiness to all people. It is during this time that the monsoon peaks on the west coast and the rivers of Tamil Nadu that go dry in the summer heat, get replenished, often to near full levels. The first day of Aadi, called Aadi Pirappu falls on July 17th, marks the beginning of the month. Pooja rituals are done followed by a feast with payasam. Newly married couples are invited to the in-law’s house and blessed with gifts and new clothes.

The auspicious days of the Aadi month are Aadi Sundays, Aadi Tuesdays (Aadi Sevvaai) and Aadi Fridays (Aadi Velli) where rituals are performed and the Goddess Amman is worshiped.

Varalakshmi Pooja which is on August 9th is an important ritual day that is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi and is performed on a Friday that is right before the full moon day in the month of Aadi.

The no moon day known as Aadi Amavaasai which falls on 31st July is observed in places like Agni Theertham at Rameswaram and Thriveni Sangamam in Kanyakumari to help ancestral souls attain salvation.

Tamil Goddess Andal’s (a manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi) birthday is seen as Aadi Pooram. Vishnu Temples in Tamil Nadu observe Aadi Pooram as a 10 day celebration by offering special poojas. Aadi Pooram and Aadi Perukku both fall on August 3rd this year.

Aadi Perukku (August 3rd)  or Padinettam Perukku is celebrated on the 18th day. Aadiperukku is extremely special in the Kaveri delta.

This celebration is particular to all the perennial river basins and lakes of Tamil Nadu, and is intended to celebrate the rising water level which ideally happens on the eighteenth day of the solar month. Hence “Padinettam Perukku” – Padinettu signifies eighteen, and Perukku denotes
rising.  The last day of the Aadi month is also called Aadi Iruthi which denotes the end of the celebration.

People from various parts of Tamil Nadu still remember the departed souls of women upon the arrival of Aadi Iruthi, and offer exceptionally prepared food to their souls.

The Aadi Festival is exceptional because it brings families, friends, and all people together. All prayers and rituals bring harmony, religious amicability, and help trade and business to prosper. Tamil Nadu, a significant state delivering agricultural products and vegetables is gifted
with this routine of observing Aadi as a significant festival.

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