Shop in-store for better value

Shop in-store for better value

In a world that is moving towards e-commerce, buying products is just one click away. But there are many benefits that you only get in-store such as shopping experience, better prices and a chance to examine the products. Also, for consumer durable and electronic goods, buying it from a store is the best way so as to avoid buying duplicates. Here are a few reasons why:

Touch and feel
For electronics and consumer durable goods, it is better to shop in-store. You would want to personally know how a mobile works and functions. Or look at how a TV would light up your living room. At Viveks, we have a wide range of brands to choose from.

Product Demo
You will never get a better product demo online when compared to a physical store. Experts at Viveks show you how to handle a particular product along with safety guidelines. Experience the product that you want to buy and make an informed decision.

Assured Extended Warranty
Warranty is assured only for a limited amount of time for products purchased online. At Viveks we guarantee you an extended warranty on most of our products because to us, customers satisfaction comes first. Our extended warranty is different from our competitors, as we provide replacement with no additional costs or provide a cash voucher of the equivalent value.

Most of you would have experienced or heard about how damaged and duplicate products have been delivered through online orders. At Viveks we make sure our products are of the best quality and inspected at various stages. You can actually see the product that is going to be in your home, so your money is well invested.

Customized Service
From the moment you enter the store our customer care associate will guide you to your desired product. The customers receive personal attention which is something you do not experience in online shopping.

Immediate returns
It takes a lot of struggle to return a product when bought online. It might take a week for the request to be processed online whereas at Viveks the return policy is efficient and done immediately with zero hassles.

Easy Exchange
Most online stores do not accept damaged products for exchange. At Viveks we accept damaged products for a valid price. We also buyback your used products. The process is hassle free and easy at Viveks. Shopping makes all of us happy. Doing it in-store gives immense satisfaction and fulfillment. There might be a variety of online stores, but Viveks – The Unlimited Shop gives you unlimited satisfaction and joy. With ample amount of parking space and the best in-store shopping experience, Viveks is committed to giving you and your family the best all-round shopping experience.